Do you know if you want Glam Waves or specialty down curls?

Glam Waves or specialty down curls?

There are a lot of pictures out there today to choose from when deciding a bridal style best suited for your big day. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of education that goes along with it.

Glam Waves are one of our most requested services of 2021. They are also one of the most detail oriented hairstyles to complete. I know it looks like a simple wave in a picture to the untrained eye; yet, to us stylists – we see a 1 to 1 1/2 hour procedure that typically requires more hair than just the natural amount on your head all ready.

Whether, they are soft brushed out waves (see picture below)

Glam Wave The Bridal Above scaled

or tighter, more teased waves, the wave requires the same amount of attention to be married together beautifully and to guarantee the best hold for a down hairstyle a bride could ask for on her wedding day.

Wondering why this service has a 100-110$ price point to start? It is labor and product intensive. We typically spend 30 minutes with our clients receiving services. The glam wave doubles that time and depending on the stylist, could triple that time, especially if packs of extensions are involved. Sectioning involved in the glam wave can also triple or quadruple the normal amount of product used on one style!

Have any further questions or concerns on if the glam wave is right for you? Please feel free to reach us via our Contact Us page of the menu at the top of your screen!

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